Protect your financial future with Short Term Medical insurance that can cover gaps between long-term health plans.





What is a Short Term Medical plan?

Short Term Medical plans are temporary coverage with limited benefits that can cover gaps between long term health plans. These low costs plans are most often purchased by people who are:

  • Price sensitive and do not need coverage for any current health conditions
  • Between jobs
  • Waiting for employer benefits
  • Temporary or seasonal employment
  • Waiting for the next open enrollment period

Affordable financial protection

Short Term Medical plans are affordable because they provide insurance coverage in a different way. They protect you from the medical bills that can result from unexpected injuries and illnesses, without coverage for preventive or routine care. Coverage can usually start as soon as tomorrow!

It is important to know that Short Term Medical does not qualify as minimum essential coverage and you may still be subject to a tax penalty since these plans are not ACA-compliant. These plans don't cover pre-existing conditions and are not guaranteed-issue. However, they can help with large medical bills should you experience an accident or sudden illness.

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